Daniel Goldman - Alumnus

Daniel joined the lab in the spring of 2013. He investigated the potential of tDCS to reduce perseveration in people with aphasia and to enhance creativity. Evan has worked as a facilitator in a residential rehabilitation program for people with mental illness at Way Station and as an intern in the Clinical Brain Disorders Branch of the National Institute of Mental Health. Since 2018, Daniel has worked at Carbon Lighthouse, an energy efficiency company that uses data collection and energy modeling to identify and achieve energy savings in commercial buildings. Their mission is to solve climate change by erasing the 40% of U.S. emissions that come from buildings. At Carbon Lighthouse, he uses his experience as Lab Manager in the Green Lab in his current role as Office Manager, and he now heads the Talent Acquisition team. As part of the People Operations team, Daniel continues to use research and statistics to help the team grow and improve our performance and culture.