Dr. Adam Weinberger - Postdoctoral Scientist

Adam began volunteering in the Laboratory for Relational Cognition in the spring of 2014 before formally joining the lab as a PhD student the following year. Prior to joining the lab, Adam earned his BS in neuroscience at Union College, where he conducted research on inattentional and change blindness. He is broadly interested in how implicit processes shape our more explicit knowledge and beliefs, including belief in God. Adam is also interested in creative cognition, with a specific focus on the enhancement of state creativity through behavioral and neural interventions. After completing his PhD in 2020, Adam remained in the Laboratory for Relational Cognition as a post-doctoral scientist. In his current position, Adam is investigating how people represent God relative to other real and non-real entities via Representational Similarity  Analysis of fMRI data. He is also working as a post-doctoral researcher at the Penn Center for Neuroaesthetics, directed by Dr. Anjan Chatterjee. Outside of the lab, Adam spends his time consuming and discussing vast quantities of music, movies, and sports-centric content.

email: abw58@georgetown.edu