Danny Holzman – Graduate Student

Danny joined the lab as a Ph.D. student in the summer of 2021. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2015 with a major in Cognitive Science. Throughout college, Danny worked in several research labs including Ken Paller’s Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at Northwestern University, Matt Walker’s Center for Human Sleep Science at UC Berkeley, and Adam Gazzaley’s Neuroscape lab at UC San Francisco, with a focus on studying methods to improve cognitive processes. Before Georgetown, Danny spent five years doing research in the neurotechnology industry, working at Halo Neuroscience and Thync studying the effects of transcranial electric stimulation on improving brain functions. Danny's research broadly focuses on using neuroimaging techniques (e.g. MRI, EEG, and fNIRS) to better understand the neural mechanisms of higher-level cognition such as learning, creativity, and problem-solving, and ways to enhance these processes with techniques including noninvasive brain stimulation, neurofeedback, and behavioral training. Danny also studies the positive effects that being in nature can have on cognition. Outside of research, Danny loves basketball, playing guitar, going to concerts, hiking, and finding the best food in the city.

email: dh1097@georgetown.edu